Friday, December 16, 2005

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I keep wanting to do a blog entry when I'm away from the computer and house, then usually unable to think of what I wanted to blog about(much less a title for the entry) when I finally get back to the puter. Kinda like thinking of something you want to ask or say to a person, then being unable to remember what that was when you're next with them, lol.

We went to the Dahlmann's for TG. My parents were there too and we got to see their new home. Overall, it was a nice holiday, but I don't think we'll be going back to Greencastle anytime soon.

Among other reasons, Dennis has it in his head that he's GOING TO get the whole family together "sometime in the not-too distant future". Well, unless and until a few things change on _their_ side of things, NO gatherings or "reunions" are gonna include us AND the Brattins. I don't trust him to respect that and not invite them out the same weekend we're invited, so it looks like we won't be going out there again between now and whenever we get a car. Sad, unfortunate, but also true.

Had an interesting experience at 30th St Station while we were in line for our train to Harrisburg. They announced that the train would be leaving late and a guy who was on his way to his folks place for TG wanted to call them and let them know he'd be late but he was ok. So he asked myself and another guy who was in line with us if either one of us would mind letting him use our cellphone to call them. It NEVER occurred to him that one or both of us might NOT have one.

Fortunately, the other guy had one and let him use it, so it all worked out ok. But it was still interesting that he didn't preface his request with "Do either of you have a cellphone?"; that was an assumption, a "given".

Dad gave me our end-of-year check while we were out there for TG. He wanted to give it to me in person cuz he doesn't trust our mailboxes, which is prolly smart. It was nice to get it so early this time, but it was also unsettling to see how fast we spent it once we got back here the week after TG. Most of it went for worthwhile stuff, but it still went too fast. I hope I'm able to figure out why in ways we can apply to seeing our tax return last longer, lol.

Kat's parents are coming out for Christmas weekend. For once, I think that might actually be MORE pleasant and LESS stressful than spending it with my family. Never thought I'd say that, but my whole family's turning out to be peices of work. Except Bill, of course, but he's in California, so he's almost irrelevant, UNfortunately.

One interesting development of TG weekend is that I've actually READ A BOOK since then and have another one on my list. The one I read is "Our Endangered Values", by Jimmy Carter and "Character Is Destiny", by John McCain, is next.

Carter's book was interesting, thought-provoking, informative, worthwhile reading. I don't agree with all of his positions or conclusions and I think at least a few of his premises are faulty(he definitely does NOT have a Christian worldview, tho I don't doubt his salvation), but I'm still glad I read it. I'll prolly read it again, just to refresh my memory about where I think he's got points and where I think he's off. It'd be "interesting" to have Uncle Bob read this book.

I really wonder if anyone else in my family(of origin) are Christians. I already know Dad isn't, but the rest are "mysteries", particularly Mom. I honestly have a much easier time dealing with folks like Rich & Kris, who don't even pretend to be Christians, than I do dealing with folks like my parents and the Dahlmanns, who think they're Christian(s), but I wonder what they base that on.


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