Thursday, October 06, 2005

My First Request!

Someone who reads my blog(and who I "met" when I saw their comments in a friend's blog, started reading theirs, contacted them, etc., so we "met" via blogging!) asked me to update my blog. Specifically, they asked for pix of our new baby, Sarah.

Unfortunately, for reasons having mostly to do with having just gotten a new puter about a month ago, we don't have any recent pix of Sarah(or anything else) on our puter yet. About the most recent pix(of Sarah or anything else) that we DO have on our computer are from Labor Day weekend. That's a long time ago(and even longer when you're only 2 mos old, today!), but at least all of Sarah's various wires and tubes and tapes and etc.(from the NICU) were out and off her then.

So, I'll put some pix of Sarah(etc.) in a blog entry very soon. But prolly not this one. Partially cuz I'm feeling very "mentally tired" right now, so I don't have the strength or energy for something that "complex". And partly cuz it's 3:48 and today's MLB NLDS games start @4!

I have a "station" on Yahoo Launchcast that I program(med). It's got a rather eclectic playlist; everything from CCM to Praise & Worship to Secular Soft Rock to Crooners to Comedy. Sometimes they play something I don't like, but not often.

Anyway, 3 people(so far) who are complete strangers to me have "subscribed" to my station. In other words, what I rate and how high/low I rate it affects what's played on their stations. Somehow, even tho they're complete strangers who I know nothing about, that's still somewhat flattering, in a way.

Sarah's dedication's this Sunday. So, Kat's parents and my parents and the Dahlmanns - among others - will be here. I'm really looking forward to it. It should be a lot of fun!

Having 2 kids really is a LOT different than "just" having one. Some baseball player's wife just gave birth to their 2nd kid and the commentator on TV who mentioned this said that he'd told the player in question "Now you're a REAL dad!". I think I know what he means(at least somewhat)!

OK, there's about 5-10 minutes left till the games start, and I can't think of anything else to write about. So, since I have the time, I guess I'll put some pix of Sarah(and/or Becky, etc.) in this entry after all!

Sarah holding Becky on our couch. Neither one looks very stable - and it's not the camera either, lol

Another pic of Becky holding Sarah. I don't know if it's holding her or having a sister that Becky's unsure of, but something's making her think!

Mother(Katrina) & daughter(Sarah) relaxing on a(Labor Day Weekend) camping trip.

I can't get it to upload any more pix to this entry. I tried the same pic twice, but no dice. So, I'll stop here(like I have a choice?).

I also can't figure out how to have my pix show up RIGHT where my cursor is when I go to get/upload them. Invariably, I end up having to go move them from the top of the entry to where I want them. There's prolly a way to avoid that step, but I haven't found it yet if there is.


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