Monday, June 27, 2005

Anybody Out There Still Reading?

I'm not sure anyone still reads this besides me. So, if you do, here are some questions. Please answer them in a "comment" to this post.

Katrina & I have finally decided to get a cellphone. Several things factored into this, including(but not limited to)her pregnancy, our recent phone troubles(which are STILL not fully resolved), and the fact that it's SO hard to find a payphone sometimes and someplaces these days! :(

So, I'm wondering(here are the questions):

Do you have a cellphone? If you do, who's your plan with and what do you think of it/them? If you had your phone/plan purchase to do over again(and/or when you renew it) would you get it from the same company or not? If not, who would you go with?

Deciding which plan to get from which company's the main thing holding us back from actually GETTING our cellphone. That and having to have the "front money" to take advantage of one of the various "free" phone offers we see or get in the mail.

We're leaning towards Cingular, mostly for the "rollover" feature. But that's only how we're leaning, we haven't completely decided yet.

It's also difficult to decide how many minutes we need in our monthly plan, with or without rollover. Never having had a cellphone before, asking folks how many minutes we need and having them say "whatever suits your needs" isn't particularly helpful. We don't yet know what those "needs" are, do we?

In other news, Katrina's C-section's now scheduled for August 18th. Of course, nobody here thinks she'll actually make it that long before going into labor(and she's not currently scheduled to go out on maternity leave till August 24th/25th!), but that's when it's scheduled for.

We're still not 100% sure of what we'll name the arrival. I hope we're clear on this by the time she shows up.

At this point, it'll prolly either be Danielle Victoria or Sarah Danielle. They both have their merits and we like both of them, but I think we're both more subconsciously decided on Danielle Victoria, especially since it's mostly(if not entirely) my parent's objections to Danielle being her first name(detailed in the blog entry immediately before this one) that had us thinking about other names and coming up with "Sarah". We like Sarah PLENTY, and it really "goes with" Rebekah too, but it'll PROLLY be Danielle Victoria "anyway".

Gee, should we be indecisive or not? Hmmm,.... ;)


At 9:38 PM, Blogger Donna said...

You might even be interested in a prepaid phone plan. I got my parents that, and as long as they purchase something like $15 (plus tax) minutes every X number of days, their prepaid minutes never expire.

I got them the phone via Verizon Wireless. They have a downright TON of minutes now. :o)

You might want to compare that sort of plan, along with the monthly-bill, pay as you go plans from different carriers. It can't hurt.


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