Tuesday, October 19, 2004

An Entry Without A Title

I can't believe how difficult it usually is for me to come up with titles for my blog entries. It's often so hard that it's sometimes what stops me from doing one at all.

Maybe part of the problem is that I never know(all of) what I'm going to write about in a given entry till it's done. So, we'll see if any titles for this one have come to me by the end of it.

There are at least 2 other things that are hindering me from doing entries more often than I have of late. It seems strange that either of them are related to the frequency of my entries, but I think they both are.

One is the fact that most of the people who's blogs I read haven't done entries in awhile either. Some haven't done entries in about 2 weeks, and at least one's gone a month since their last entry. Again, one wouldn't think that'd affect my entry frequency, but I think it has, albeit probably only slightly.

The other is the fact that most of my recent entries have NO comments to them. It's been a LONG time and QUITE a few entries since any of my blog entries got even ONE comment. As much as I don't mind writing to myself, and as much as I've always figured I was mostly doing this for myself, I think that still discourages me some, thus I'm less motivated to do other entries or as many/frequent entries as I might otherwise do.

Kat went back to work from her thumb injury last Tuesday. But then, on Thursday, she had a seizure at work!

She's had seizures before, as after-effects of and complications from a very serious car accident she was in during HS. But her last seizure, before this one, was way back in '86; 18 years ago!

She went to see our Dr last Friday, but they can't get her an appt. for an MRI till next Friday! And she couldn't get an appt. with a neurologist till this Saturday(!), and the first neurologist she called didn't have any available appts. till November 23rd!

This all really seems ridiculous; these long waits for VERY important tests & appointments! She's gone thru similar stuff with her cardiological appts and tests. It seems that the more important or critical a given appt or test is, the LONGER they make you wait for it. But if you want something trivial, like a hair or breast implant or something related to a sexual disfunction, "Of course, right away!":(

So, she's out of work again, this time till next Tuesday. Thank God(again) for short-term disability & accident insurance. It doesn't come close to giving us the funds we'd normally have from her working(and the disparity's getting more and more obvious the longer this all drags on), but even 50% is better than ZERO!

But, in a way, the seizure's timing worked out. Cuz as much as we don't like her being out of work twice in such a short span, her being out this past weekend allowed her to attend both days of the Friday night/Saturday morning marriage seminar we'd registered for this past weekend. And I really think that's a GOOD thing, cuz it was an EXCELLENT conference, and I'm SURE she got a LOT more out of it by actually BEING AT both sessions, rather than having to rely on my notes and/or a tape or video of Saturdays' part(She was origionally scheduled to work this past Saturday).

Again, it was an EXCELLENT conference. It was by a guy named Dr Jim Leary and was titled something like "Marriage & Family Defense Seminar". If you're married(or ever get married), I highly recommend this conference. It's good for all, your marriage doesn't have to be in any type of "crisis" for it to help you, and learning and applying what's in it could very easily help you PREVENT a future crisis(or more than one?).


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