Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Church Stuff & General Life

I think I already posted that Kat got baptised and we joined our church about a month ago. As it happens, Kat's parents were here that weekend, so they got to see all that too. Baptism isn't a pre-requisite to joining our church, it just worked out that it all happened on the same day, in the same service.

We had our annual calendar-planning meeting at/after church this past Sunday. Some progress, but still a lot of the "pew-potato" syndrome; folks think it's GREAT that we have and/or add all these programs, as long as THEY don't have to get involved in any of them, anywhere but as the consumer/spectator/audience! :(.

Among the changes is a monthly "Community Game Night" outreach on the first Friday of the month. I'm in charge of that, so I'll have to come up with some sort of _brief_ teaching or scripture reading or "church/spiritual psa" for it.

I'll be talking to Pastor Randy about this. Yes, for help and input, but I also want his help in keeping that part of the game nights from getting too "heavy" and turning the Community game nights into Churchfolks-only game nights all-too quickly.

We're also starting up a Youth Group, since the church is finally getting enough kids who are old enough for one. I don't have any official responsibilities there, but I'll offer whatever assistance I can give to those who do. I not only want to be sure that it "takes", I also want to do what I can to ensure that the content/curriculum's worthwhile.

We also added a Men's Retreat to the church calendar. They've had 1-2 Women's Retreats every year since we've been going there, but this'll be the first Men's one since we started going there. We've also got a Bowling Night, a Hayride(which we'll probably pass on, depending on it's theme), and a lot of other good stuff in the church calendar this year.

I'm also hoping to get a group together to go to a Phantoms game. Hopefully on "Faith & Family Night", February 11th.

I know there's also a lot of interest in a churchgroup outing to a Blue Rocks game. So, hopefully, we can "make that happen" next season.

The monthly small groups have been cancelled tho. Apparently, folks just weren't showing up. I know we're as guilty of that as anyone else is, but when you've been away from something for a month, it's hard to(want to) get back into it for another night, only to leave it alone for another month. I think the groups'd go better if they were at least bi-weekly, if not weekly, but I doubt that ever happens.

We had Chip & Chris over for dinner on Saturday. After dinner, we chatted and watched some M*A*S*H videos. Chip's about as much of a quasi-reformed M*A*S*H-aholic as I am, so we had a lot of fun with that.

Kris & Rich were here 2 weekends ago. Kat's parents were here 4 weekends ago. And we went up to see my folks 6 weekends ago. So, it had been a LONG time since we'd had one of Kat's 3-day weekends off without a trip or "company" planned. It was a nice break too.

We're still discussing whether I'm gonna work the 2nd shift @Vanguard in October or not. There are stong points to me doing it and strong points to me skipping it as well. Of course, we're praying about it, but it prolly comes down to whether we're able to find someone to watch Rebekah for the few hours between when I'd be leaving each day and when Kat'd be getting home each day. Not that I'll definitely do it if we can find someone, but I definitely won't be doing it if we can't.


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