Tuesday, September 14, 2004

These Colors Don't...Matter?

I'm sure that everyone reading this is aware of the merger between Exxon & Mobil. Probably less of you are aware of the merger between Shell & Texaco. And probably even less of you were aware of the merger between Amoco & BP - until recently.

The reason I say "until recently" is that the Amoco/BP merger has resulted in all of the gas stations in both of those chains being painted to look like BP stations. The other mergers aren't like that, at least not yet. For example: Exxons still look like Exxons and Mobils still look like Mobils. About the only major change there is that Exxons now accept Mobil cards(and vice versa) as well as Mobil's "Speedpass". But, anyway, all the Amoco stations - which were once a very sharp-looking red, white, and blue - have been(or are in the process of being) painted in the Green-with-Yellow-trim-and-white-background color motif of BP stations.

Even tho we don't have a car(and haven't since '96) and even tho green has been my favorite color for as long as I can remember(resulting in severe difficulty if I play a game, like Risk, and someone ELSE is green, lol), this change REALLY bugs me! I'd SO MUCH PREFER it if they'd painted all of the stations in the newly-combined chain Red, White, & Blue!

I understand why they're doing it the way they are. It symbolizes the fact that BP bought out(aka took over) Amoco and not the other way around. Just like Exxon/Mobil "says" something different than "Mobil/Exxon" would.

I still don't like it tho. And I have to think(and hope?) that it's a bad marketing move too.


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