Tuesday, October 12, 2004

God's Got It Covered

It's often quite amazing(and humbling) to see God at work in our lives, covering for things yet in our future that we - of course - can't see yet, or see in time to cover for ourselves. Such has been the case with Katrina having cut her thumb(bad enough to go to the ER and get 8 stitches) 3 Saturdays ago and, thus, being out from work for 2 weeks(she cut it on 9/25 and just went back to work today). There are SO MANY ways in which God "set things up" to "cover(for)" us on this! It goes way beyond the short-term disability coverage and accident insurance we have. He even "covered(for)" us in ways we didn't end up needing, or using. But it's still neat!

Our meeting with Pastor Randy went ok this past Sunday. Maybe not as well as I'd've liked it to go, and not at all like I expected it to go beforehand, but still ok, good, positive, encouraging, etc. I'm sure we'll have another one(s), I'm just not sure when yet. Prolly this next Sunday.

He recommended an upcoming "marriage conference" to us at our first meeting with him. He knows the main speaker and really thinks highly of him, so we're going. It's this weekend; Friday night and Saturday morning.

Kat has to work Saturday, but we'll both go Friday night. I'll take notes on Saturday, or maybe they'll have tapes of the sessions. Plus we'll still get the materials from the conference and we might even meet some more area couples on Friday night, who knows?

I finally got into reading "The Screwtape Letters" the other day. It's intense reading that's not your usual "reading for relaxation" at all(!), but it's very well-written, very enjoyable, and very informative & educational as well! I now see why so many people like his writing, as well as why so many people think it's his best work.

I'm almost disappointed that I started with his "best", cuz the reading I've done so far definitely makes me want to read more of his stuff, and I don't like thinking that I read the best one first, lol. I'm sure that most of the others "measure up" tho.

I've read about 10-12 chapters(or "letters") so far. Early on, I realized that C.S. & I have a significant difference in our theology. It's not one that made me want to stop reading(not at all!) and I'm sure that he & I are both Christians, but it's something to keep in mind as I read; taking everything I take in in that "context". I've done this before, with many other authors and speakers, so it's nothing new to me.

Rebekah continues to be a blessing. She's not really talking yet, even tho she'll be 2 in January. I'm not worried about that - I know that each kid develops and learns at their own rate and I'm not committed to any "scale" or "average", but I am a bit concerned about it. I'm hoping that an increased amount of(time spent in) interaction with her - from both me & Kat - will help her in this area.


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