Monday, October 04, 2004

On The Lighter Side

As anyone who knows me well(and many folks who don't know me all that well) already knows, I'm majorly into baseball. I have my favorite(and anti-favorite) teams, but I'll pretty much watch any game I can get on TV, listen to any game I can get on the radio(if there's none on TV right then), and I even $ub$cribed to MLBTV this season too.

Well, the playoffs start on Tuesday. "My" Phillies didn't make it, but "my" Red Sox did. I've got other teams I root for and follow, to a lesser degree than the Phils and Bosox, and at least one of them made it into this year's playoffs as well; the Astros. So, I'll be busilly watching all the various games of all the various series, starting on Tuesday.

Of course, that's also the case in years in which NONE of "my" teams make it in; I'm THAT much of a fan. I often describe myself as "A fan of the sport of baseball first, my teams second". I like to think that all "true fans" are that way. I hope that's not(and/or doesn't sound) too conceited? ;)

Of course, I'm also looking forward to the offseason, cuz I often think I invest too much time, effort, and priority in baseball and baseball-related stuff. This is going to be a particularly interesting offseason, due to the NHL strike, since hockey and the occasional bowling show are pretty much the ONLY other sports I ever watch on TV, so I'll have an exceptionally and unusually large amount of "uncomittted/undesignated" time on my hands. I have ideas about how I want to, need to, and/or "should" spend it. It'll be interesting to see how I actually DO spend it.


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