Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Sheer Curiosity

I'm "assuming" that most(if not all) of the readers of this are adult Christians. So, I'd like to ask you all some questions:

A) What are your convictions about drinking(alcohol)? Is it always sinful for a Christian? OK in some circumstances for some Christians? OK for all, as long as you don't get drunk? Or "other"?

B) What are your convictions about gambling? I'm NOT talking about compulsive gambling or gambling to an addictive level. But if someone or a couple have, say, $200-300 of _discretionary_ spending(the bills are already paid, the kids are clothed, there's food in the cupboard & fridge, etc.), is there any significant "moral" or ethical difference between taking that $ to Atlantic City and taking it to a Flyers game(or concert, etc.)?

I already know how I feel and what I believe about both of these issues(and I had others to ask about, but I can't remember them right now). So, I'm not asking for input cuz I'm considering or struggling with either of them. I'm mostly just asking out of curiosity; to see what other Christians think, see what the ratios/percentages I get for the various viewpoints are, etc.

This should be interesting. Of course, the more responses I get, the more interesting this'll be. So, please, comment away!


At 11:51 PM, Blogger Mick W said...

As for alcohol-I think it's ok to drink as long as you're not getting drunk or doing it in order to "rub it in" to someone who thinks it's wrong. I think this would fall under Paul's discussion about eating and drinking, and the weaker brother in Romans. It would also be wrong according to Paul, if you drink against your convictions (without faith).

Gambling seems a little more slippery to me. I don't think playing cards or a friendly game of poker with pennies or dimes is wrong, but it seems that most gaming centers are really rip-off schemes with worldly enticements to lure people.

I hate to see people throwing away their money, I've been to Casinos twice and I honestly felt like they are the apitimy of what hell must be like. A cheap rip off of real life and fun, in exchange for empty hopes and empty hearts ( and an empty wallet).


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