Monday, June 06, 2005

Red Goo

We've been having some pretty persistent computer problems of late. Problems with the puter itself, but also problems staying online.

About a week ago, I started doing a blog entry. It had been so long since I'd done one that I actually printed out the last several entries, so I'd remember to update all the "recent" topics.

I had typed what I imagine would have been about 2 typed pages worth of a blog entry when the puter disconnected from the web. All my "shortcut" ways of getting reattached failed, and - to make a long story short(er) - I ended up losing that entire entry.

So, I haven't exactly been enthusiastic about trying again since then. But, eventually, you gotta get back on the horse, right?

In addition to pur puter problems, we've been without a phone for about 10-11 days now. We have the actual phones, they just don't work. We can't make outgoing calls and incoming ones ring ONCE, then nothing, and even attempts to answer during that one ring fail.

Cavalier's coming at 3PM today to fix the problem. They caused it and they were VERY CASUAL about coming to fix it, so they'd better COMPLETELY fix it when they come, which had better be when they said it would be(3PM today) too!

Believe it or not, my puter just disconnected from the web yet again! So, I'll be saving this entry as a draft every few paragraphs, just so I don't lose the WHOLE thing again!

Believe me when I tell you we'll be replacing our puter ASAP. We have to finish paying this one off first, but since you can now get a decent complete system for +/- $500, it won't be long. But, of course, it'll still be too long, lol.

By now, you're probably wondering about the origin of the title of this entry Ok, so you've probably been wondering about it all along, since you first read it, right?

About 6 weeks ago, there was a carnival down the street. I didn't end up able to go while it was open, but Kat & Becky went while I was at a Blue Rocks game one night.

Kat knows I like candy apples, so she got me one at the carnival. Between forgetting it was there, not being in the mood for one when I remembered or saw it, and the tooth problems I've been having, I didn't eat it.

Well, eventually, the candy coating started to disolve and/or disintegrate and the wrapping around it leaked. I came out here this morning, decided to finally tackle(organize) the multiple piles of bills and other papers on my desk, and when I went to move one, found RED GOO on, under, and between several of the items at the bottom.

Nothing major(at least nothing that a handful of baby wipes didn't clean up - those things are WONDERFUL), but still a messy hassle. But I thought "Red Goo" made an intersting title for a blog entry, and I often have trouble coming up with those, so there you have it.

There is so much I could write about right now, updatewise. It's definitely been too long since the last entry, and it had already been too long when I lost that entry a week ago too. What had become monthly entries has now become quarterly ones, and I need to either start doing them more often or give this up alltogether.

Let's see. Since the last entry(that actually got posted), the following things have happened(no implied order of importance or priority, they're just listed as I think of them):

1) We've learned that the baby Kat's pregnant with and that's due in August(as of now, we think late July or earlier than August 18-2th's a distinct possibility) is a girl. So far, her name is/will be Danielle Victoria. But my parents, mindful of our intense distaste for androgynous/sexually-ambiguous names and the fact that "Danielle's" nickname would be "Danny", are campaigning against that choice of a first name. Of course, the ultimate decision's still ours(if we'd listened to the objections of others last time, we'd've spelled Rebekah "Rebecca" - and we definitely DON'T regret our decision to go with what WE wanted/decided there), but "stay tuned".

2) I went to the doctor for some cholesterol and prostate-related bloodwork. My cholesterol's back up where it was in college; around 269(!), so I'm now on cholesterol-lowering medication and we'll be modifying our diet a bit more seriously and reading food lables a lot more long-term than we did other times.

I'd had it down to around 219 about 2 years ago, so this really bothers me. If it had pretty much always been about that high since my uncharacteristically high reading in college, it'd bother me a lot less.

Yet, at the same time, the fact that it WAS that much lower at one point, WITHOUT being on medication for it, is also encouraging. Cuz it tells or suggests to me that a combination of diet modifying, excersize increases, and the right medication for me WILL work!


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