Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Late Night/Early Morning Ramblings

If it's fair/accurate to say that there are times in our Christian life/walk in which the spiritual aspect of things(that happen in our life) is more apparent than others, the recent past has been(and, hopefully, will continue to be) one of those times for me. Even things that aren't necessarilly "spiritual" seem to have a relatively apparent spiritual significance and/or dimension(or lesson?) to them.

Admittedly, I've been making a definite, conscious, and relatively constant effort to prioritize the spiritual aspect of my life of late. Somewhat unfortunately, as is usually the case with me, most of the forms this effort has taken have been of a more public than private or personal nature. But even something public is better than nothing at all, and nothing at all had been my norm for far too long prior to this.

Some of what follows is pretty standard, "garden variety" spiritual stuff, some of it isn't. But all of it's had a more prominent spiritual "perspective" for me than had been the case in my life for a long while before this.

Last Saturday was the men's prayer meeting/Bible study. It was the 3rd one I made it to, 2nd one in a row. Besides me, Chris, Brian, Stu, & Ken were there.

During the meeting, Stu told me that he thinks I have some spiritual abilities that he suggests/hopes I'll get further schooling to develop more. I forget exactly what he said or how he described what he sees in me, but(I think?) most of why I forget the specific nature of what he said is that, after the meeting, Chris seconded what Stu'd said earlier, and said that he thinks I have the gift of teaching, saying "You're good at getting things across to people; at communicating things/points.". The distinction/differentiation was made between the gift of teaching and that of pastor(ing), but it was still a very encouraging experience.

Especially since I have no reason to doubt that they're right and much reason to affirm and "validate" and "confirm" and generally agree with what they said. And - as would perhaps be expected, but is no less encouraging - Kat agrees with them as well.

After the meeting, I also got the chance to talk with Chris some about the background behind their imminent departure from CBC. It was mostly, tho not entirely, brought about by their desire for more socio-spiritual opportunities for Jared, much as our recent "wanderlust" has been largely prompted by concerns related to the same opportunities for Rebekah.

This past Sunday was my week in nursery. Rebekah & Amber were there. Amber wasn't anywhere near as much trouble or "bother" as she usually is. I'm not sure if she was in a good mood, or it was just that it was only the 2 of them, or if it was that Jeff Schriber was there with me and it wasn't just me with her(and whomever else) or what, but it went rather well and rather pleasantly.

Sunday afternoon, Katrina told me that she'd been praying about our church situation and potential "steeplechase" a lot(which I knew) and has been definitely sensing the Lord saying to her that CBC is what and where He has for us, at least for now, and asking her/us to trust Him to provide for us(including Rebekah). Although I had definitely been sensing some "resistence/reluctance" from Kat about leaving CBC and resuming our "steeplehase" in our earlier discussions of it, the exact nature, degree, scope, and significance of it was "new to me".

It would be very unfair of me if I didn't add here that she also said/affirmed that "You're my husband and we'll go where you decide". But I really don't want this to be _my_ decision that she submits to, I want this to be _our_ decision that we make and agree upon together. Even so, I appreciated her saying this, along with the stuff about what she's been sensing God saying to her about our "church uncertainties".

So, we discussed things about our church situation some more at that point. What it would mean if we stayed @CBC, how long(or how much longer) we might stay and see what happens(or doesn't) before moving on, how and where else we might find socialization opportunities for Rebekah, etc. Believe it or not, even tho I'd been thinking(or more) that our season @CBC would be ending in or around January before this, we're still largely in agreement.

At this point, I think we'll be staying @CBC(at least) thru the end of June or so. Let's see what happens; nurserysize-wise, among other ways/areas.

We're both committed to not sticking around indefinitely, if things don't improve. Soon/shortly and not by just 1 kid either. We couldn't do that to Rebekah, especially since the longer we wait to leave there, the harder it'll be for/on her.

I think this is mostly just a case of us wanting to be SURE that the length of our season @CBC - as well as when/if we leave there - is 100% in GOD's hands, at HIS direction, discretion, etc. At times like this, it's just far too easy to weigh the pros and cons of staying vs going, reason it all out, and "lean on (y)our own understanding(Pv 3:5)"! NOT GOOD! :(

It also now seems that either Katrina or the 2 of us will(at least volunteer to) take over the "coordination" of the nursery at the end of the year, when Kim Marie's "term" ends. At least for the Spring, I don't know beyond that. I'm also pretty sure that I'll decline becoming a deacon(if Randy and/or anyone else nominates me) at the Annual Meeting in January, since that's a full calendar-year term, and we might not be staying that long. Not that we definitely won't be, but it's not definite that we are either.

We also talked about finding another church to attend on Wednesday nights. Partly/mostly so that Rebekah gets to be in an active and fuller nursery at least weekly, but also for the additional spiritual food and fellowship for us.

I've been thinking about going to the Wednesday night services @CCDC for awhile now. But I think we'll prolly check out the midweek service @First Baptist of Collingdale and/or the local AG church first. If for no other reason(s) than they're closer, and within walking distance if need be.

Most recent Wednesday nights, I've been watching the CCOB service online. They videowebcast all their services, so I've been watching the Wednesday night services, as well as the Saturday night "version" of the Sunday service.

I've really been enjoying it, looking forward to it, and getting a lot out of it. I definitely think it's much better to actually GO to church tho, so I won't mind missing the CCOB midweek services when we go to a service around here then too much, tho I hope to continue to watch on Saturdays.

We've also been talking about signing Rebekah up for swimming and/or dance/tumbling classes @the Y next Spring. For the socialization, as well as the skill(s) involved.

If we do this, we'll prolly join the Y at the same time. Partly cuz the classes are cheaper for members, but also cuz Kat gets a discount on Y membership thru her job.

Of course, at that point, adult classes are also cheaper. I doubt they'd have an adult "learn to swim(better)" class(?), but I'm sure we can each/both find something interesting.


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