Saturday, October 01, 2005

More Insomnia

Did you ever have insomnia, try to figure out why(what caused it, this time), and end up with too many potential factors to figure it out? That's pretty much the case as I try to figure out why I can't sleep AGAIN tonight/this morning.

It could be too much caffeine. It could be not enough food. It could be the fact that I didn't take my meds today and I'm not sure I took them yesterday either. Etc.

The CD of pix from Labor Day weekend's camping trip, Sarah's hospital pix, and other misc. photos came in Thursday's mail. Some EXCELLENT pix in there! I'm uploading them to our puter, then to our yahoo photos page right now. Then I'll add some here. But that'll prolly have to wait till I GET SOME SLEEP!

We called my folks tonight. Their move to Chambersburg's officially scheduled for November 14th. Mom's got a lot of stuff she's offering to us, among others. Kat said we'd take the punch bowl tonight. I'll try and think of other stuff we might want that Mom might want to unload as well.

They're also giving us some furniture. It's all better quality stuff than what's it's replacing of what we've already got(some of it's Ethan Allen), so we're glad to get it.

Believe it or not, the Phils are still in contention for the Wild Card! They're hanging on by a thread, but they're still in it. They're 1 game back, with 2 to play. If they finish the season tied, the one-game tie-breaking playoff's Monday @CBP. I'm still not sure what time the game's on, or what channel it'll be on, but I'll watch it if it happens.

The Red Sox are also still in contention, for both the ALE and ALWC. Of course, they could also end up with neither! So, I could end up with both of my teams in the playoffs this year(for the first time in my lifetime), or I could end up with NEITHER of them in it. Pretty strange, lol.

I really need to go to bed soon. It's almost 4AM, and I've got men's Bible study/prayer group at 10. I didn't go 2 weeks ago and they didn't meet during August, so I really need to go this time, get caught up, get back into things, and start going regularly.

I really need to clean up around the house a lot. I've gotten so lazy and complacent with a messy home that there's even laundry to put away from when I washed it about a week ago. That's really sad.

It's been awhile since I got any comments to my blog entries. But, just about the time I think nobody's still reading it, I'll get one. Or someone will comment to me that they haven't seen an entry in awhile. So, who knows if anyone's still reading or not, let alone who might be.


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