Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Fun With Pix!

This is an experimental post. I'm trying to figure out how to add pix to my blog's post, my blog profile, etc.. So, I'm gonna put various and assorted pix here, or at least I'm gonna try to.

Hey, it worked! And on the FIRST TRY too!

This is a picture of Rebekah & me at the Middlesex(NJ) County Fair in August of '04. Rebekah was about 19 months old at this point.

Middlesex County NJ is in North-Central NJ, and it's the county I grew up in. In fact, the fair is within walking distance of my parent's house in East Brunswick.

This picture was taken by an employee of the Sentinel, which is the local weekly paper up there. It appeared on the front page of that week's paper too!

This is a picture of Rebekah & me from Memorial Day weekend of this year. Rebekah's about 2.5 years old here. About 5 weeks short of that, actually.

Unfortunately, I don't yet have any pix of Sarah on my puter. Our new puter's only about a week old and we haven't taken any pix in the past week. We have many pix of Sarah, but they're all on my father-in-law's puter, and he hasn't yet mailed me the disk of pix yet. But I promise I'll post some as soon as I have some, now that I know how!


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