Friday, September 16, 2005

Monthly Update?

I really didn't mean to let my blog go unadded to this long. But we didn't have a working puter in our house for about 2 weeks, we've been very busy with Sarah lately, we went camping with Kat's family over Labor Day weekend, etc. So, that's where I've been, where my time's been going, and the like.

The Monday before Labor Day, our old puter FINALLY died! We could boot it up into "safe mode(from which you can't reach the internet)", but multiple attempts to get it beyond "safe mode(over many days)" all failed. It had been dying a very slow, painful, agitating death, so we're not at all sad to see it finally GO!

Last week, we ordered a brand new computer and it arrived here on Tuesday. We LUV it(so far)! It's a ROCKET SHIP in comparison to the "Tinker Toy" we've been using. DVDROM, mega-memory, mega-speed, etc!

The hardest part was losing all my favorites/bookmarks. I'm sure there are ways to transfer them or not lose them, but I don't know what those are. And, much like not wanting to move ANYTHING from a roach-infested apartment to your new place, I really didn't want to do ANY direct transfers anyway.

Sarah spent about 2wks in the NICU @CHOP, then 4 more days elsewhere in their complex. She came home the last Friday of August and it's been mostly positive progress since then. Her dedication at church is scheduled for October 9th.

The Phils seem determined to tease their fans right till the end this season. The only question is what type of end it'll be.

Even the Bosox are in danger of missing the postseason completely. I wonder what it is about September that makes pathetic teams like Tampa Bay & the Royals play better than teams like the Phils, Bosox, Dodgers, etc?

The Blue Rocks didn't make the playoffs, which is the first time in several years that they've missed. But the team the Bosox gave Wilmington was a lot older than the average team KC gave them. Hopefully they do better next season, or that could be the end of the Wilmington/Boston affiliation. I hope that's not it, but who knows yet?


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