Thursday, October 13, 2005

Update With Pix!

In the week since my last post, both the Bosox & Yanks have been eliminated from the AL playoffs, there's been a controversial call in an ALCS game, and even the Braves got eliminated(from the NL playoffs) yet again! But NONE of that's what most of this post is about.

This past Sunday was Sarah's Dedication at church! All 4 of her grandparents, an uncle(Dennis), an aunt(Linda), and a cousin(Jennifer) were there, along with various other assorted friends, churchfolks, etc.

Here are some pix:
Here's the Dedication part of the service. The guy near the center is our pastor, Randy. The couple to the right of Katrina are Chip & Chrissie(Christina) Schiavone, the "God-parents" of both Rebekah & Sarah.

Here's a quasi-family portrait, taken at the luncheon after the service. My mom's to the left, holding Rebekah. I'm in the middle. My oldest sister, Linda, is to the right, holding Sarah.

Here's a picture of Rebekah & Sarah @Nifty Fiftys. It was taken earlier in the weekend than Sunday morning's Dedication.

Unfortunately, I don't think we have any close-ups of Sarah from the service. She's really developing into quite a cutie tho(all partiality aside, of course)!


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