Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Inconsistent Bloggers Dilemma

I don't do blog entries with any regularity or consistency. Sometimes, I just don't get around to or prioritize blogging, sometimes I can't think of stuff to blog about, etc.

Sometimes, I wait so long to blog("so long" isn't always the same length of time, but anyway...) that by the time I actually sit down and START an entry, there are so many topics and subjects on my mind that I have trouble deciding which ones to write about(first), what title to give that entry/ies, etc. This is one of those times.

I could write about the just-completed baseball season. About how anxious I already am for next season to start, about how much less I enjoy any other sport, about how I want to USE the time I'm now not spending watching baseball games(or going to them) for something WORTHWHILE and not just fritter it away playing poker online or watching hockey on TV or any of a plethora of other incidental time-wasters. Etc.

Or I could write about Halloween and ask the Christians who read this(especially the Christian parents) how they handle Halloween with their family and kids. Katrina and I do NOT want our family observing/celebrating one of the two biggest and most important "holidays" on the WICCA calendar(!), but we're just not yet entirely sure how to handle this with our kids, our unbelieving families(of origin), our wishy-washy Christian friends(remember: The definition of "legalist" is "anyone with more convictions than you"!), etc.

There's an excellent article on the site about Halloween. If I knew how to do links here, I'd link it HERE, but I don't. Wish I did, but I don't. So, please go to their site, look it up, and read it. I won't say I agree with all of it, but I do agree with most of it, and even the parts I disagree with or question are thought-provoking and worthwhile reading.

I could also write about Christmas and ask the Christians who read this(especially the Christian parents) how they handle Santa and all the other non/un-Christian trappings that Christmas in 21st Century America unavoidably - at least seemingly, anyway - comes with. Again, we're not willing participants, but handling the kids questions and objections, the parental and familial interfearence, etc. isn't the easiest thing to handle well.

I could also write about the changes and developments in our girls of late. Sarah's really blossoming and thriving. She's becoming so much more animated, responsive, expressive, etc. It's really neat!

Rebekah constantly amazes us. I told Katrina over a year ago that I honestly think Rebekah's the smartest one of the three of us, and I'm more convinced of that now than I was then.

Among other evidences of this - we _think_ she's already READING. Yes, that's right READING and she's NOT YET THREE! We also think she's started being able to spell things - AND to tell what we're talking about when WE spell something rather than say it.

Sometimes, early in the morning, when she's awake but still in bed, we hear her counting or going thru the alphabet out-loud. Tell me, what "normal" kid entertains/amuses herself THIS way?! :)

We're still hoping and wanting and planning to move closer to Greencastle/Chambersburg asap. It's now looking like it won't be till Fall '07, but it's still what we want and for MANY reasons too. We honestly can't think of one "downside" to doing it or one reason not to. My dad could(and has) suggested some "counterpoints" to what seems to us as a win/win situation(moving out there), but - consider the source.

My parents are moving to an assisted living facility in Chambersburg, Pa. on November 14th. Chip and I are going up there this Saturday to pick up some of my brother's furniture that he's giving us(rather than ship it to California). It'll be my last time in that house - and we moved there when I was 6.5, JUST before I started 1st grade. My parents have lived there for 36 YEARS - and 3 area codes. WOW!

We're going out to Linda's place @Greencastle, Pa. for Thanksgiving(TG) weekend. We're taking Amtrak from Philly to Harrisburg and Dennis is picking us up there. It's ~$135 round trip for the 4 of us; Sarah's free and Becky's 1/2 price. That's really not a bad price, but it's a LOT more than we used to pay to go up to New/East Brunswick!


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