Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Just When Everyone, Including Me, Thot I'd Given Up On This,...

Another entry.

I'm still not sure what to do with this blog. It's not important enough to me to make it a priority, so it won't get entries very often. Unless I decide to do something special with it, like occasional "sermonettes", but that's among the many options for the fate of this blog that I'm still undecided about.

In truth, the whole concept of blogs still seems so odd to me. Imo, anything you care enough about to want to journal or diary about it to save it for later(or for posterity?) is personal and "intimate" and "close" enough that you WOULDN'T want just anyone(particularly certain people you know, and/or especially total strangers to you) reading about it. This blog is now over a year old, and the idea of sharing your innermost thoughts with anyone and everyone(or wasting time blogging about things that are even trivial to you, so as to not share too much too openly with too many) is still an odd, strange, "foreign" concept to me.

There is this weekly podcast I like to listen to. I don't have an Ipod or an MP3 player(or a Cellphone either, in case you're wondering just how out-of-touch or out-of-date I happily am), but you can listen online, so I do.

The only problem with listening online is that you've only got 2 controls; play and stop - no pause. I HAD TO stop the one I'm listening to about 3/4ths of the way thru, so when I went to hear the rest, it restarted. Thus, I'm sitting here, at my puter, waiting for the part I've already heard to pass. Which gives me some time to kill, so I thought I'd at least put that time to some quasi-worthy use and update this blog.

When I'm not online, I can think of all kinds of stuff to blog about, and even some titles as well. But I'm far from organized enough to write those ideas down, so who knows what I'll come up with now that I'm actually at the puter and adding to my blog

There was an online contest Coke ran during the Winter Olympics. You got codes, either off coke products or right from their website for free. Being a Pepsi-preferrer, I opted for the freebie codes from the website. I got 3/day for about 3 weeks.

Each code was assigned to a particular Olympic event. If the US won ANY medal(s) in an event that your code was assigned to, you got(a coupon in the mail for) 5 FREE 2L bottles of Coke products! I think I won about 8-10 coupons.

Well, even tho the Olympics were back in February, the coupons just started arriving about 2 weeks ago. So, needless to say, we won't exactly be hurting for soda in this house anytime soon!

I'm once again majorly into baseball and baseball season. And, once again, I'm at least as into the minors as I am into MLB. I follow MLB more closely, but I think I still enjoy going to minor league games as much as(if not more than) going to MLB games. For MANY reasons.

Mom & Dad were here this past weekend. It went well. They didn't go to church with us, again, and I was really hoping they'd make an exception for Mother's Day, but I should have known better, shouldn't I?

Things have been an interesting mixed bag at church lately. Neither Katrina or I seem particularly enthused about going the next morning when Saturday night rolls around, which has me thinking that maybe we should start looking for a new church at the end of this year(not only this, there are other factors, including the fact that our kid or kids is/are the only one/s in the nursery about as often as not, which isn't ok as Rebekah's now 3). But then, I go to church, and Randy's current series of messages have been, easily, among his best since we got there. So, who knows what we'll end up doing? Prolly moving on, mostly for the kids' sake, but since we can't move on till the end of the year, maybe the nursery'll grow between now & then?

I don't do the announcements during the service anymore, which is more than ok with me, since it was often a complicated task. Neither Randy nor I felt it was working out, so he's resumed doing them. I feel so good and just plain relieved about this.

I still help verify the $ count at the end of the service, still help with communion on the first Sunday of each month(which is the only time we have that), and I still change the message on the sign. As long as I remember to get that changed often enough, that's a lot of fun!

Mostly cuz I come up with many cute or witty sayings for the sign. And others are always making other good suggestions as well. I've prolly got 6-10 sayings ready and waiting to go up, not counting the ones I've already used. Of course, I run them all by Randy first, but he's liked all my suggestions, so far.


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