Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Mostly Cuz It's Been So Long Since The Last One

As you can probably tell from the title of this(and at least one prior) entry, I often have trouble coming up with titles for my blog entries. I just don't know what to call them. I'd have to say that that's at least as hard as thinking of stuff to write(or deciding what to write and what NOT to write), maybe even harder.

Yesterday was a really blah day. There were(and still are) plenty of things I really need to do, or at least start, and I even had the desire to do them. I just didn't have the energy! I really didn't feel like doing much of anything. Even watching TV seemed excessive at times.

Fortunately, I wasn't really in all that bad of a mood. I say this cuz feeling blah can often include(or provoke) me being in a lousy, short-tempered, anti-social(ish) mood, but that didn't happen yesterday. I'm glad for that. And I'm sure Kat is too

Speaking of Kat, she picked up on the fact that I was out of it relatively soon after she got home from work and was very helpful and supportive about it. This might sound obvious or something like a given, but she's often not aware of things like this, or if/when she is, she's not always so supportive or helpful with/about it. But she was this time, and she's been getting better about this, so I wanted to be sure to give her "props" here. She doesn't read this/these(yet) tho, so I'll also try to remember to thank her for it today.

Today is going better, even tho there's no particular reason that it should or has to. I'm still kinda out of it, but not as bad, and in a better mood.

Kat's parents visited us this weekend. They arrived Friday night and were here thru Monday morning. We had a lot of fun and went a lot of places and they got to see Rebekah a lot and in a lot of moods, situations, etc.

Rebekah is, of course, the main reason they visit when they do, and especially the main(if not the only) reason they visit as often as they now do. I'm glad I got to watch my parents with Jennifer, their first grandchild, when she was first born and immediately afterwards, cuz - without realizing it at the time, of course - it prepared me for and clued me into what to expect from Kat's parents, since Rebekah's their first grandchild.

Kat's parents drive me crazy tho! And, from what Kat's said to me since they left(and at other times too), I'm NOT alone here.

They argue about just about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! They remind me/us of the Costanzas on "Seinfeld". They'll dispute with one another about the stupidest, most trivial things, and they DON'T stop or let go of anything either.

I've heard them conflict over what time it is(by a minute's difference) whether a particular door is locked or not, literally ANYTHING! I even said to Kat once, a long time ago: "Was the last time your parents agreed on something 'I do'?". It's THAT bad and THAT continuous.

But they're still her folks, so we deal with it. I just know that while we want to always live nearby, we'd NEVER want to be as close to them(geographically) as Kris & Rich are. I couldn't deal with that, and - from what Kat says - I don't think she could either.

They make me all the more thankful for my parents in many ways, and I'm sure that's a good thing. My parents get along great, even if I think my mom pays too high a price for that occasionally. My parents are also growing old(er) GRACEFULLY which is a concept that's completely FOREIGN to Kat's mom, and the jury's still out on her dad on that.

In Other News(as Luke's fame spreads even further, lol), Katrina got baptised on Sunday and we both joined our church. I don't think baptism's a prerequisite to joining/membership there, it just worked out that way.

Katrina was origionally gonna get baptised after the church's "block party" yard sale on Saturday. But it got postponed 2 weeks cuz of the bad weather we had, so they did the baptism on Sunday instead.

Katrina had help calling folks EARLY Saturday morning to let them know about the postponement. But, of course, some folks had already left to come set up by the time the calls were made, so we had to go over to church and let them know about the change.

One lady even asked me "Do you think the Pastor would mind if we set up anyway?". It's a good thing I didn't think about that question much at the time she asked it; I just replied that yes, he would mind, cuz "we don't want to be responsible for anything that happens at the church when we're not there(never mind the fact that I doubt that ONE table set up, in a space for 60, is gonna get much if any business)".

But that question really stuck with me, even after I answered it and the lady who asked it was gone. I thought about it while I was changing the church's sign by the road, to let everyone else know about the postponement.

It seemed like such a stupid question! Of course the Pastor would mind if she set up anyway!

But I also realized that that's not all of why it stuck with me. It also stuck with me cuz it indicated impatience/immaturity. This lady did NOT like the fact that the yard sale had been postponed, she did NOT want to accept the fact that she couldn't stay there and sell/get-rid-of her stuff that day, and she was trying EVERYTHING to AVOID accepting that fact too.

It was one of those "What part of NO did you not understand?" moments. She was behaving something like a grade-schooler; how can I still get what I want in spite of this unfortunate obstacle/road-block(ie me, and/or reality - the weather and the fact that the weather had changed her plans in an inconvenient way)?

I really don't mean to pick on this lady as much as it prolly sounds like I have or am or want to. The real reason all of this stuck with me(and the reason I mention it all here) is that God was showing me the immaturity of this lady's question as a way to cause me to ask myself how often _I'm_ like this. Yes, with Him, but with others as well.

It's not that I'm this way a lot or have a major problem with this type of thing. But I AM still like this sometimes, and more ften than I should be too.

It also helps to ask myself how to handle it when others are like this. I think I did ok when this lady asked her question, but I want to be sure that I can and do handle it "ok" when folks are being this way - AND I'm aware right then and there that they're being so.

Especially when it comes to Rebekah and other kids. Cuz they'll be this way very often and very naturally too; they ARE "grade-schoolers" or younger, after all.


At 9:24 AM, Blogger Don Liles said...

I think the Lord blessed you by allowing the simpler response to the one lady's question. I am always thankful that He stops me from saying everything that may come to mind if I stop to think about something. Kind of the whole gentle word turns away wrath sort of thing.

At 9:41 AM, Blogger Jeff D said...


I couldn't agree more!


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