Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Wednesday's Musings

Today is my brother, Bill's, 39th birthday.  I hope he has better weather for it in San Clemente, Ca. where he is than the rainy overcast day it is here.  I'm glad his birthday fell on a Wednesday this year, since that's one of his days off, and he can go surfing.

I should call him later today.  I guess that's another reason to be glad his birthday fell on one of his off days; he won't be at work when I call.

Pastor Randy called last night and we talked some.  Not about any of the issues Kat & I talked about on Sunday, but we still had a nice chat.  I've always felt that Randy's one of the best things about that church and I still do.

I almost hope we don't end up changing churches.  I might still go to CCDC or CCPhilly for Sunday night and/or Wednesday night services - especially once we have a car, but I think it'd be nice if it works out that we stay where we are for Sunday mornings and "membershipwise". 

We'll have to wait and see tho; nothing's been decided yet, nothing's been discussed with Randy, and very little's been prayed about yet.  This isn't going to be a short-term, one-week thing.

Matt's back over here today.  I really like him and enjoy watching him.  He's good with Rebekah and he's also great at helping with her, especially when we go to Aldi's or the laundromat.  I'll actually miss Matt when school starts up again.

He's so much more well-rounded, secure and others-focused than I was at his age, or even much older.  His mom, Chrissie, has really done a great job raising him and his brother, Jeff, and in less-than-ideal circumstances too.

Becky's 18-month check-up was Monday and all went well. Her weight's right at normal for her age.  Her height and head size are still on the high end of normal, but no surprises there.  She's really a VERY healthy kid and we're very thankful for that!

We really need to do a better job on her baby book tho.  We've got a LOT of catching up to do there.  A lot of firsts that we've forgotten the date of and/or other specifics about, and just a lot of stuff that's better done as it happens and while it's still fresh than in catch-up mode.


At 12:39 PM, Blogger Don Liles said...

Jeff, glad that you had a chance to speak with your pastor, and that you may stay there for a bit. I do think that staying and getting known will benefit you and Kat.

At 5:24 PM, Blogger Jeff D said...

Oh, we are already definitely known there. In fact, the friends we've made there are one of the things we like best about that church and will probably play very heavily in our decision, especially if we decide to stay there.

I can honestly say that I've never been involved with a church that's more of a family than that church is. I'm not saying I've never been involved in any other churches that aren't as much of a family as they are, just none that are more of one.

They've been quite accepting and supportive of us, and extremely generous towards us. Especially, but not solely, with regards to Rebekah.

When Katrina was pregnant, Danee', the pastor's wife made frequent references to the fact that they WOULD be giving her/us a baby shower - they just wanted to wait until after the baby's birth, so we'd have a better idea of what our true baby-related needs were. We were more than ok with this and said so often, but it also meant that we weren't expecting anything(gift-wise) from anyone at the church till then.

Well, I can't tell you how many church folks gave us stuff when Rebekah was born. And/or how many of them ALSO gave us something for/at the church baby shower for us. And many of these same folks also gave us something when Rebekah was dedicated on Easter Sunday '04.

Talk about generous! And that's not even counting all the church folks who've babysat for her, some numerous times, and always gratis! Some have even told us that she's such a joy they feel as though they should be paying us, lol.

No, we're definitely known there. And you're right, it's definitely a plus/help too!

At 9:29 AM, Blogger Don Liles said...

It really is the wonderful thing about being part of a body isn't it? God designs us to be part of such a community, it really sounds as if He has you there for a reason. Guard your hearts against the attacks the enemy may put in your minds to move on prior to your time.


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